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Pin #1: Mailbox Makeover

June 30, 2012

Welcome to post numero uno of The Pinterest Effect.  This is the first of 100 projects inspired by Pinterest I will complete by this time next year.  To read all about the mission of this blog, click here.

Here we go….

We recently moved from Seattle north about 12 miles to Edmonds, WA for a little more room and a slower pace.  It is a beautiful coastal town with sweeping views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  With our new house came lots of visitors.  All of our Seattle buddies were excited to check out the new place and we were eager to show it off.  The first week in the house I honed my direction giving skills. But, of course, everyone has electronic devices telling them which turns to take.  Unfortunately,  our new place seemed to be a challenge for some navigation systems for some reason.  Almost everyone got lost.  I decided that putting my stamp on a small project would not only make the house feel a little more like home, but also help guide our visitors to the right location.  So, we begin with the mailbox.

I haven’t had a honest-to-goodness-metal-mailbox-with-a-flag since I was a little kid living in the county when checking the mailbox meant a one mile round trip walk.  I had to teach Luca, my 3 year-old and my husband, my city boy, how the flag works.  The mailbox is at the end of our 100 yard long driveway and had tiny tiny numbers as the only indicators of our address from the street.  What could be a better way to alert guests they have arrived at their destination than a beautiful landmark that just screams ‘MEGAN LIVES HERE!”

I searched Pinterest for inspiration and, of course, I found it.  Here is the pin that inspired this, my very first post:

Click here to see my original PIN.

This is our little mailbox before.  Notice the the numbers?  Yeah, neither could any of our guests.


First step: primer.

Bring on the aqua!  (Meet Luca, the mailbox model and number one helper).



Now, here’s where I add my own twist.  I thought it would be super fun to have HUGE numbers on the box.  Not only to draw attention to the location but to look super modern and fresh.  I had my mind set on stenciling white numbers with paint when I hit up my new local craft shop called Hobby Lobby.   I’d never heard of it, but with a name like that,  they had to have something that would work.  I found tons of options but was thrilled to find 6-inch all weather stickers. PERFECT!


Andrew and Luca helped with the install.



Every time I go in and out of the driveway, I smile.  I love the mailbox.  I love telling my friends to search for it when coming to visit and I love that I have one project done and it turned out perfect.  It was a small project, but it has a huge impact.

1 down…99 to go.

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  1. Jenna Wiebke permalink
    August 18, 2012 6:25 am

    This is GREAT Meg! I am so excited to watch someone do something on Pintrest;) I’ll join you in your ventures…however, might only tackle a few dozen. Such talent you have- looking forward to seeing the projects come to life!

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