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Pin #3 & Pin #4 Chalk it Up-Glass Pantry Door

August 15, 2012

This has been one of my favorite and easiest projects with the biggest impact on our new house.  Our kitchen is fantastic and we’re loving all the space.  This was a major selling point for the house and an upgraded kitchen was on our ‘must have’ list while house hunting.  There was just one little thing that drove me bonkers from the moment we saw the house until its recent makeover.

The pantry door:

“Cute” Pantry door ready for a makeover with blue painter’s tape

I loved watching people’s reactions when they came to see the house.  Many were along the lines of ‘oh, that must be the pantry…cute.” It just seemed SO hokey to me and I began brainstorming ideas from the moment we moved in.  I thought about making a curtain for it with a cool fabric to brighten up the room.  I thought about finding a new door (not a popular option with the hubs).  I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found many beautiful pantries, but no solutions for the super tacky door.
One day my friend, Gabriella, suggested painting it with chalkboard paint.  (Something that I had done on Luca’s walls in our old house).  I told her I thought painting on glass would not work, but then questioned my response.  So…to Pinterest I went, in search of inspiration and a little “how to” as well.  This is what I found:

Pin #3: Chalkboard paint on glass – Gabriella was right!

Pin #4 Kitchen Menu Board: I doubt I’ll do a weekly menu, for now we’ll stick to Birthday Countdowns! This was one of my very first pins and was planning on doing this in our former house before we decided to move.  Win-Win!

All I needed was a can of chalkboard paint, one small roller, a regular brush and painter’s blue tape.  It only took about 10 minutes to apply the first coat.  I did two coats on the front and one on the back.  Once I got the paint on the front of the glass I knew immediately I needed to do both sides of the glass. I knew I needed more complete coverage to ensure no light shining through making the paint job look messy.

I let it dry for a couple days and it is now fully functioning as a fun kitchen message board. The “cute”  PANTRY door is now much more fun and actually cute, without the ” “.

4 down….96 to go!


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