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Pins #6-10: Birthday, Birthday, Housewarming Party {Part 1: Water Party!}

September 11, 2012

9/11/12 Update – I originally wrote this post about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I’ve since been so amazingly sick that I’ve literally been laid out for 2 weeks.  After lots of TLC and a trip to the ER, I’m back and ready to get blogging!  Sorry for the delay after announcing my blog to my little world and then doing nothing for weeks.  

Water Party In full swing!

It is safe to say our house has now been sufficiently ‘warmed.’  We had a wonderful gathering of about 75 of our closest friends, co-workers, school mates and neighbors last weekend to celebrate Luca’s 4th Birthday, Milo’s 1st and our Housewarming.  Wow, where to begin.  This is going to have to be a 2 to 3 part post to cover all the inspiration gleaned from Pinterest while preparing and trowing this party.  This first part will cover the fun stuff – the Kids WATER Birthday Party!

Pin #6: WATER PARTY!!! This great pin/post from inspired the party. Ironically, I used this website last year before Pinterest for loads of great ideas for Luca’s Bicycle Birthday party. Great site full of great ideas.

The idea of a Water Party for Luca’s next birthday was one of the very first ideas I pinned in the early Pinterest days.  I had visions of doing it at our old house in our tiny yard.  It would have been great – but once we got our new home with the yard of our dreams, I knew it could be EPIC!  Luca and I have been talking about his ‘Water Party” for about 6-9 months coming up with ideas.  It was his idea to make sure we had “WATERmelon” as one of the things kids ate at the water party.

All summer long we’ve been practicing on the slip and slide, we had to practice a water balloon raid on my sister in Las Vegas in June and of course, we tested out lots of watermelon in preparation.  At some point Luca decided that it would be a great idea to share his water birthday with his baby brother.  At some point after that, Andrew and I decided that we’d be hard pressed to find another weekend date during the summer to get people out again for a Housewarming party – so wha-la – three parties, one day.

Here is the e-vite:

Milo is 1! Luca is 4! Hooks Housewarming!

That’s right People! 3 parties in one day! 

3:00pm: We’ll start with the kid-o WATER Birthday party extravaganza!  Kids: come prepared to get wet in the sprinkler, slip and slide, kiddie pool, water balloons, eat watermelon and many more watery activities.  Bring your own towel and change of clothes. Help us celebrate Milo’s 1st Birthday and Luca’s 4th. We’ll have Cake and other kid snacks.

5:00pm: Stay or come on over for our Housewarming BBQ.  Help us celebrate our big move to Edmonds! We’ll have BBQ for everyone! For anyone willing to go the distance, stay for s’mores and the unforgettable Edmonds sunset.

The water party was decorated in all shades of blue and included:

1. One Slip and Slide

The slip n slide was also a cool place to hang out or do some dance moves??

2. One baby pool

3. Blue ‘waterfall’ decorations

Pin #7 Cake Table Streamer Backdrop – This, and 100s of other Pinterest beauties, inspired the use of streamers vertically to make a fun backdrop to the party table.

This looked really great when the wind stopped blowing! It looks quite shabby in this picture. 

We hung blue streamers from the deck above.

4. A sprinkler

5. Water melon

6. One baby water sensory bin full of sharks and other water creatures

Pin #8 Water Sensory Bucket for Toddlers, sadly, I didn’t get a picture of ours in action – but I assure you, it was full of sharks!

7. Blue ‘water’ cupcakes

8. “Goggles” for every kid (aka – cool dude shades – goggles were sold out!)

Pin #9: Party Favors – I was all set to give all the kids goggles instead of goodie bags as the party favor. Sadly, by the end of the summer, all the goggles from affordable party supply stores were SOLD OUT. So, inspired by the goggle idea, we went with plan B – cool dude 80’s shades. These are Luca’s style / trademark and they still went with the theme. I put them out in a basket and encouraged kids to pick them up during the party and left a sharpie for them to write their names on them.

Who needs goggles when you look this cool in pink shades?

9. One EPIC water balloon fight!!

Pin #10 Water Balloon Fight!!

Luca and his buddies starting the water balloon fight, mass confusion!

Andrew how to show the kids how this was done.

I had about 5 other ‘watery’ things I simply just lost track of time and didn’t get them done or put out….oh well, next time.
Also, in all the party prep, I didn’t get my mind wrapped around what I wanted to photo document and I totally failed getting pictures of half of the things listed above.  But enough with the coulda wouldas – let’s talk about the FUN!

So, by far the kids had the most fun during the water balloon fight…well, eventually.  My husband spray painted a huge circle on the grass to mark the ‘waterballoon zone.’ I wheeled out 200 water balloons in Luca’s red Radio Flyer wagon to the center of the circle and had the kids line up on the edge of ‘the zone.’ I explained the rules of staying inside the zone to a yard full of confused 4ish year olds.  (My reason for this was to keep the trash from the balloons contained in one place, and more importantly, to keep parents DRY!!).  I did the 3, 2, 1 countdown for the water fight to begin…the kids ran with gusto to the balloons, picked them up and all turned around and just stared at me for a good 20/30 seconds.  They had NO idea what to do!!!! It was hilarious.  Thankfully my husband, the biggest kid of all and another Super Dad, Dima, ran in and began showing the kids how it was done!!  Awesome.  Andrew upped the anty by turning on the sprinkler that was in the middle of ‘the zone’ about half way through the ‘fight’ once the kids had the hang of it on their own.

The regular ole’ sprinkler and slip n slide were  fun too. The kids really had a great time just playing ‘pirates’ in the yard as usual (a good percentage of the kids are from Luca’s preschool where Pirate play is how they roll).  Luca pretends his play structure in the back yard is his ship, it is all good fun.  Milo ended up in the baby pool after his first ever cupcake for rinse down.  The baby sensory bucket with the sharks never got touched until later in the night because I forgot to take the top off and I’m pretty sure it was used a seat!

It is fair to say Luca was on cloud 9 for the entire party and ended up falling asleep in ‘Auntie GaGa’s’ (one of my BFFs) lap at around 10:30pm while we were all sitting around the fire after roasting marshmallows.  Milo enjoyed being held by various friends and being passed around from one admirer to the next.  It was a quite magical summer party all around.



Stay tuned for more on the party food and other details of the party.

10 down….90 to go….


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  1. September 14, 2012 8:09 am

    Meg, I love your story-telling and wonderful descriptions! I would have loved to have been there, but at least I can better-imagine the “scene” due to the FAB visit we had in July and how well-acquainted I got with your party-perfect backyard!! Can’t wait for the next installment! WHAT A BLAST!!! luv u so!! mama

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