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#16 White Pots and Little Men Front Door Greetings

October 29, 2012

First, apologies.  I am a lame blogger.  I love blogs that have new posts almost daily and they are the ones I go back to.  Me, well, I have some serious time to make up to get to 100 Pins by next summer.  I have actually done lots of pins but I’ve yet to blog about them.  So, as you will see, there are going to be quite a few pins to come from months ago.  Starting with this one, from earlier in the summer.

Our new house is a little backwards.  The side of the house that faces the street is actually opposite to the ‘front’ door.  The yard we play in also faces the street, so is it the front yard or back yard?  Confusing?  Yes, we’re still trying to figure out what to call the front or back.  Our front door feels a little hidden, so one of my first goals was to make it feel a little more welcoming.  I also have such a mix and match collection of pots, I felt the need to have a cleaner look.  I loved this pin immediately of the white pots lining the front doorway:

Pin #16 – White Pots lining a path to your front door

And then, I came upon these guys:

It was love at first sight

I was in love.  I love them.  How cute are they? I didn’t buy them right away, I took this picture with my phone and couldn’t stop thinking of them. Then decided to get them, no matter how silly they are, and had to go to 3 stores to find them again.  I decided to mix white gnomes and white pots for this clean, cohesive, font door look that is a little more fun that just plain old pots and grasses.  I bought one big white pot to plant a housewarming maple from my friend Mary.  After shopping around and feeling like I really shouldn’t buy MORE pots when I had quite the collection.  So, I just spray painted a few of the pots I already had with white spray paint.  Just add new plants and wha-la:

This picture doesn’t really capture it all, but you can see what I’m going for here.

Next summer I’ll probably add a few more white pots to go along with these.  But for now, this little project was a lot of fun and I felt made a big difference for our front door.
16 down…84 to go…

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  1. October 30, 2012 10:28 am

    You know how much I love your Gnomes! And it is so cool and” out-of the box… off-trend” to have them in WHITE!! Keep blogging, Meg. And I like it much better when it’s random…..every day would become just THAT….EVERYDAY!! Love you. Mama/Maji

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