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Pins #31-33 For the Love of Christmas Cards

January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!  The entire month of December went by without a post from The Pinterest Effect, but I’ll assure you that many projects, recipes and tutorials were completed!  Just a quick recap: We survived the Mayan Doomsday (just barely…our basement was flooding that day…the ‘computer room’ flooded so that was part of the reason for no posts….more on that later), we celebrated Christmas in Victoria, BC with Andrew’s family and Christmas here in Seattle with my family (minus, so so sadly my Sister and her family) and rang in 2013 with family, friends and lots of great news for the New Year (more on that later too)!


But back to this post…….

I plan on recapping my Christmas season ‘pins’ in three separate posts.  This one (Christmas Cards), One covering a few Christmas randomly pinned items and one covering the sweet treats created/consumed/gifted over the holiday.

I start with this post all about Christmas Cards because they are one of the top reasons I love Christmas so very much.  I love creating cards each year, I love receiving cards, I love looking at cards from years’ past as part of the unpacking of decorations.  Since I started sending the annual photo card in 2008 after Luca was born, the cards I’ve been sending and receiving have truly become little works of art!  The beautiful layout options available from so many sites is overwhelming but so fun to create and receive.  I have yet to stray from Shutterfly, they have always turned out great. Usually, each year, I get one of my very photo savvy girlfriends to take a family photo of us and that is our card.  This year,  with the relenting rainy days and busy schedules we were unable to get it together. SO…I decided to find inspiration elsewhere.  I pinned this photo challenge from my local group previously mentioned,  Seattle Mama’s With Camera’s blog – a tutorial on how to take these magical photos of kids in the dark with Christmas lights.


Pin #31 Mama’s With Camera’s Christmas Light Photo Challenge **photo by the wonderful

I put on my brave face, switched my camera over to manual mode and, as instructed by this tutorial, changed my settings to:

Aperture: f/1.8,

Shutter speed: 1/160

ISO: 1600

 I started here but needed to slow my shutter speed to 1/125 to brighten things up a bit.  Also, my photos were coming out very yellow so I played around with white balance.  Once I set it to ‘tungsten’ it was perfect.  Here are my favorite shots – sorry they couldn’t all be included in the card!  It was pretty fun experimenting with these lights and these boys!


Luca helped me set the ‘shot’ up – he was a willing model for this one!


Final choice for the ‘Luca’ picture for the card


Bailey wanted in on the action!


Final “Milo” card photo


pure joy!


This one was a strong 2nd for the card.


sweet sweet boy

I shot the photos and needed to choose, create and order the card by midnight the same night to come in before the deadline to get my order at 50% off.  In my haste, I ordered less than half the amount of cards I needed to cover my usual card list!  I have no idea what I was thinking, so sorry if you’re usually on my list and this is not the card you received!  But thankfully we have the interwebs…so here it is:

Now that I was all set with my card shortly after Thanksgiving, I got to sit back and wait for for the snail mail season to start! I love checking the mail box each day to who we’d find in there each day. I needed a way to display all these lovely warm wishes and I decided on this fun DIY card holder:


Pin #32 Card Holder Wreath

I got a few simple supplies from good old Hobby Lobby and wha-la:


First we got the clothes pins ready for spray painting on a rare sunny afternoon


One coat of sparkly green paint on!


Next, we add beads onto a plain wire hanger.


I used the cute buttoned fabric wrap from a recently purchased table cloth (from Target) as the main hanger. It was sitting on the table as I was stringing together the wreath and I was so thrilled it worked so perfectly. I like mine better than the example!


I ran out of beads so the clothes pins were just next to each other at the top of the wreath. Next year I’ll add some more – we needed more room!


Our FULL wreath on Christmas Eve! So much love – I want to keep this up all year long!

Finally, there was one thing I’ve wanted to do the last few years and I just haven’t had a chance to figure out the best way to do it – display cards of ‘Christmas Past.’   Like I said above, I really love our cards each year and I love looking back.  I don’t think I found the best way to accomplish this this year, but, I’m getting there.  I thought I’d try the ‘clothes line’ approach seen in many ways on Pinterest – here is one example I pinned:


Pin #33 “Clothes Line’ Photo Display

I decided to use two stars that we used to hang in our front window in our old Ballard house.   We’re too far away from the street now to have them hanging in our window so I found a use for them inside.


My clothes line photo display including cards and Santa photos from 2008-Present


Luca really enjoyed looking back at all the cards and Santa pictures, choosing his favorites and trying to rationalize why sometimes Santa is African American, Asian and White! We came to the conclusion that all these guys WORK for the real Santa, just like his ‘Elf on the Shelf.’


I found these cute little Santa clothes pins to hang the cards and pictures.

There you have it, my ode to Holiday Greetings, past and present!

33 down….67 to go…

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  1. elagerquist permalink
    January 6, 2013 5:20 am

    Love the wreath and past card display!! I can’t wait to make my own for next year :).
    I also loved your card this year…maybe it will leave up the holder for a few more weeks until we get our New Year’s/birth announcement card out just as soon as this wee one makes his appearance!?!

  2. Molly Holmes permalink
    January 15, 2013 4:30 am

    Meggie, This is fantastic! I absolutely love the pictures of the beautiful boys and greatly look forward to the newestt picture of the season. As you, I have saved all my cards and look through them when the Christmas boxes come out! I had just been rifling through the old ones a couple days ago. The effect of the pic is priceless! Love, love love the card holders also. I will have to remember this one. Possibly make it soon, so as to have it ready for next year. Maybe card making will be in the ‘cards’ for me again next year, with your inspiration! Great post!!

  3. January 29, 2013 2:36 pm

    How did I miss this post??? Super duper AWESOME! Love the xmas card “outtakes” ;-)!!!!

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