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Pin #39-#40: Big News….

February 4, 2013

OnThis is not news to anyone who knows me, but for those of you who are simply readers of the blog, here it is: Baby #3 is on HER way and will be joining our family around April 30th!  That’s right, after two bouncing baby boys, a girl will be joining the mix.  We’re so excited and overjoyed……and scared, terrified, nervous, anxious.  While having three kids has kind of always been in my vision of family life, only now am I really starting to visualize life being outnumbered by our offspring and feeling quite peaceful about it.  The first 4 months of this pregnancy were a bit crazy – I got the flu, went to the ER, have had crazy morning (all day) sickness, you name it, I’ve had it.  The last few weeks I’ve finally felt back to myself and have had some bursts of energy.   But in terms of really letting it soak in that we’ll have a house with three kids is only now starting to feel real to me.  This past weekend we had our new baby niece come to visit, seeing Luca just ooze love out all over her helped me paint a picture.  Milo and I visited our close friends with a 6 day old baby this week and seeing him pat his back gently and say ‘baby’ made the picture become even more clear.  Seeing one of Luca’s classmates who has a baby brother (now a 3 year old) just about 20 months younger (the same age gap as Milo and Baby Girl) embrace in a sweet loving hug when he came to pick up his big sis brought a sense of calm over me.  We can do this. It is going to be crazy. It is going to be fun.  It is going to make me cry in anger, love, frustration, sadness and joy.   Bring on the chaos!


Pin #39 Family of 5


Pin #40 Mama Bear and her 3 cubs

As if we didn’t have so many of the Pinterest major themes already covered, achieving 100 pins should be no problem with a new house to decorate and a baby on the way! I’m excited to open up a whole new genre of posts with the baby news out and about.  I’m already busy doing projects for Baby Girl’s room and life that will be shared quite soon.   I’m also excited to post, after April, about all the great health/loose weight pins as I hope to get back into shape after 5 years of being in baby land. AND two of my siblings got engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday, so now I’ll be covering weddings too…not first person, from a far, but I’m sure it will result in a pin or two.  This project just got a lot more interesting!  Please let me know any feedback you have on the blog by adding a comment.  The Pinterest Effect has now been views by residents of over 40 countries across the world and I want to know what you think, the good the bad and the ugly….what do you want to see more/less of!  Thanks in advance for the feedback.

40 down….60 to go!

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  1. February 4, 2013 8:09 pm

    Congrats Mama! Those pins are adorable… but not as adorable as your family is going to be!

  2. Steph permalink
    February 5, 2013 12:40 am

    Loving you from NZ too if you weren’t already covered here! I’m so inspired by your whole idea here and really need to follow suit and just start doing! Good luck for baby girl! She will be one very lucky little sister!

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