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Pin #48: Makin’ Banana Cookies

March 14, 2013

After having my first child’s eating habits summed up by something he told me at one point “mom, I’ll eat anything you give me,” to having a child who refuses to eat mac and cheese, I’m at a point where I dread every meal and snack time.  We knew life would balance itself out.   I have no idea what Milo will eat from one day to the next and sadly, I’ve just realized, this has caused me to limit Luca’s variety as well.  So, I’m starting to think about how to offer a variety of foods that everyone will like.  After getting a sweet, yet stern, warning from my wonderful pediatrician – DON’T BECOME A SHORT ORDER COOK, I’m looking at changing some things up.  So where to start…with cookies of course!


Pin #48 – The very popular Banana Cookie Recipe

I first made this recipe (not pictured) one afternoon on a whim.  I was, or should I say Luca was literally done mixing the ingredients before the oven warmed up.  2 bananas, 1 cup of quick oats and a handful of chocolate chips.  Yum.  Both boys loved them.  They are a bit more spongy than regular cookies, but just as successful at filling a sweet tooth craving.  The ones that we ate the next day were not as yummy, so I’d suggest eating them straight away  hot from the oven.

The second time I did it (pictured below) I added some more ingredients as suggested by some of the comments on the recipe blog post.  I added peanut butter (a big spoon full) and a handful of coconut, as well as chocolate chips.  Again – smash hit with the boys – as you’ll see from the photos below!  I highly recommend this recipe.




20130314-114233.jpgClearly – pure joy  – and a healthy snack to boot…..well, if you consider chocolate chips healthy.  Thank you Burlap Bag and Pinterest!

48 down….52 to go!


*sorry about the photo quality here, I tried a different method of uploading and clearly the photos lost some of their luster.  I’ll go back to the long way  for pin #49.*

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  1. March 15, 2013 4:35 pm

    trying these right now……..

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