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Pin #51 & 52: It Takes a Village

April 22, 2013

I’m writing this post literally on the eve of my FINAL official working day at my son’s co-op preschool* we’ve been a part of for 3 years. It is not his final day, but mine as my ‘maternity leave’ will start next week with (we hope) the arrival of our baby between now and then.  Luca still has 4 weeks of school following this one.   I come to this day with mixed emotions of sadness (that is over), happiness (that we made it through 4 total years of co-op, while this is a fluffy post, co-op can be a labor of love at times) and pure gratitude to the community we’ve built along the way.  No saying rings more true for us when I think about the last four years of preschool than the following:


Pin #51: It Takes a Village

I feel lucky that this proverb describes my upbringing as well.  I had so many extra moms, aunties, uncles, grandparents.  I even lived with several families my senior year of high school when my family moved across the country to Las Vegas and I stayed behind in Virginia to finish out high school on my own, with the help of my ‘village.’  I lived with a women that was like a grandmother to me, then she wintered in Florida I lived with her son and his wife as well as my best friend’s family.  Sometimes I look back on that and think, what the hell was my mom thinking to let me do that??? But then I realized, she trusted me, but more importantly, had trust in the ‘village.’


Luca early this year playing in the outdoor classroom.

So, as I look at our years at this very special school, I am thankful for the days spent in the classroom, but in the bigger picture, I’m thankful for the village that contributed to molding Luca’s personality, and helped shape who I am as a parent.  I’m thankful for the play dates, for the baby sitting swaps, carpools and parent education.  I’m thankful for the countless meal deliveries after Milo was born, birthday parties (kids and grownups),  the best friend fights, make ups and lunch dates.  I’m thankful for the mom’s nights out, cocktails, weekends away (yep, that happened), tearful pleas for help with kids who are driving us nuts.  I’m thankful for proud moments shared with a village who is almost as happy for Luca at these moments than even his own family.  I’m thankful that my son sees the value of this village and it is proven when throughout this past year 4 or 5 parents have approached me to tell me what a joy it is having him in the class with their child.  (Sorry, that was a proud, perhaps even bragging moment! Hold on, I mean, NOT sorry, but I’ll acknowledge the brag factor!).   I’m thankful to Teacher Tom and his guidance, education, friendship, perspective, and much more.  (More on that guy in a future post).


Luca and his best buds and Teacher Tom on a field trip to the  Pacific Northwest Ballet

At the same time, I feel a great sadness that this era is coming to an end. Some kids are headed to kindergarten next year, we’re off to another preschool closer to our new house in Edmonds for Luca’s final year before entering kindergarten himself. (Non co-op).  Change is coming for all the kids and all us parents and as always, change is hard.  We’ll miss our friends, the school itself (I mean, it does have a double decker sandbox for goodness sakes!) We’ll miss the ease and knowledge that Luca is being protected by his ‘village.’

In pondering all of these thoughts over the last few highly hormonal weeks of pregnancy, I recently had an epiphany.   It came to me just last week while having lunch with just Milo at grocery store (the kind with hot lunch bar – yum).  It must be next door to a high school, because as we ate, we watched groups upon groups of high school kids, mostly boys, come in on their off campus lunch hour to grab lunch, goof around and do their best to act cool.  One dorky looking kid got up and literally started singing and dancing along to the piped music as if we were all in an episode of GLEE.  (The song was from Greece by the way – perfect).  The point is, I had this wave of clarity come over me about the end of preschool.  It was more of a happy feeling than one of sadness and fear of change.  It was a feeling of excitement for ALL the MANY stages I still have to come with these little humans. I wondered if Luca would be the dorky (yet super brave, confident) kid who sang a the lunch table, or in the group of freshmen who got heckled as they walked away, taking their lunch to go, or will he be one of the hecklers?  Or the boys next to me who were wearing sports gear and having a deep conversation about what they thought about the assignment in one of their classes and asked politely for the extra chair at my table.  Who knows, I don’t.  But I’m exited to find out.


Pin #52: Thank you Dr. Suess and the many groups of high school boys at the grocery store for making this saying also ring so very true.

52 down….48 to go!

*The co-op preschool model is when the parents work in the classroom as well as a teacher and run the business of the school via a board of parent volunteers.  In our case, each parent works one day a week and has other duties that allow the school to be run by the parents as well.  To learn more about our school, click on the link to Teacher Tom’s blog above.

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  1. April 23, 2013 10:09 am

    Interesting Read!

  2. Steph permalink
    April 24, 2013 2:37 am

    i just wanted to let you know how much i love your outlook on your lovely lovely life! so many things i am happy to have happened x

  3. April 24, 2013 4:21 pm

    Love love love this post and being part of your village!

    • April 24, 2013 5:42 pm

      Thanks Mary!! You are totally a very important member of the ‘village people!’ 🙂 I told you I had this one up my sleeve with your ‘love my village’ comment a few weeks ago! 🙂

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