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Pins #62-#64: Instagram Obsessison

June 11, 2013

I think it is fairly safe to say I’m not alone in my love for Instagram. A silly little free app that allows you to create really amazing versions of awesome pictures or even just average ones. This blog post from Finding Joy really sums it up for me. She says, “It’s a beautiful way to document the everyday moments.” It all comes back to a thought I’ve mentioned before about hoping that when my children see the photos I’ve taken of them that they can have an idea of how I was feeling in that moment. I think instagram really allows you to make that feeling extra dramatic to say the least.


Pin #62: Why Instagram is Awesome for Moms – a blog post from “Finding Joy”

Here are some fun everyday moments I’ve captured lately that were able to be enhanced and shared via instagram:









If you’ve been reading along at all, you know of my current obsession with photography – learning more and hoping to be getting better at it. Since I’m so early in my education and have not yet voyaged down the path of learning post processing software (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) I feel like instagram is the gateway ‘drug’ to that next step. It allows you to take an ordinary picture and make it look even more special. Neither one of these pictures taken to ‘copy’ the original pins are anything special on their own (other than the stolen composition) – but instagram helps them look a little dramatic.


Pin #63: The “Oh-So-Milo-Pose”

I pinned this weeks ago thinking how much this cutie pie reminded me of Milo – and wouldn’t you know it, without prompting, Milo started doing this pose out of the blue just last week. I think he originally was trying to look at me through his legs like his big brother was doing but it turned into this move and then quickly getting up to say “mama, no hands!”


I was actually hoping to pull this next photo off seriously during my pregnancy because it is so cute and beautiful at the same time. I also loved that I was a prego-belly shot without actually having to show my face in the picture. Since this Spring in SEATTLE has been all about sunshine, I was able to capture a great long shadow moment complete with Andrew’s shadow photo bombing me while riding scooters with Luca in the driveway! So, this is definatley a silly version of this shot, but by using instragm’s black and white high contrast filter, it feels like a great shot with high drama of an even bigger than life belly.


Pin #64: Prego Shadow


Around 39 weeks pregnant with Colette, April 2013

64 down..36 to go….


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