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Pins #66-#74: 2 Boys in a Room

June 16, 2013

2 Boys in a Room – a room inspired by a Pinterest board full of ideas!

I started this post with the ‘end product’ for once since there are SO many pins that went into the putting together this space.  It has been so fun to work on this room from start to finish and see how many ideas came from Pinterest.

First things first.  So far, only Luca sleeps here. Milo is still in his ‘nursery,’ but it was really important to me that this room start out as a space for two boys.  This will now be the third* room that Luca has had created for him. (*See pictures of Luca’s nursery and ‘big boy room’ from our Seattle house pictured below just for fun/reference).  It hardly seems fair that Milo not be involved from day one designing this room even if he’s not sleeping here just yet.   We hope to move him by the end of the summer, around when he turns two.  This room was the original master bedroom for our 50-year-old house.  Since, the current master bedroom was added and this room is just too huge for one kid. So, on with the pins…

First – The Walls:  Please do your best to follow along as I explain my labyrinth of a thought process here.  First, Pin #66: I knew Luca wanted DARK blue walls.  In fact he originally chose a blue  so dark that might as well have been black.  I talked him a few steps up on the color wheel and we settled on a color I LOVE that I call ‘surfer blue.’  I was a bit concerned that the color was still too bold considering we have very low ceilings and no moulding. I searched Pinterest for ideas that may look similar to what we were planning and this pin is a great example.  It even had the medium shade brown furniture similar to the beds we have for the boys – beds built by my husband’s uncle when he was a boy and the beds he and his twin brother slept in until they were 18 years old!  Then this picture got me thinking about how nice the white ceiling and thick crown moulding looks.  I loved the clean crisp look of this ‘surfer blue’ and the white white.  I remembered that I had pinned the nursery example in Pin #67 with the ceiling color extended down a foot or so onto the wall.  AH!  I thought, perfect for this room with no moulding and it would break up the boldness of the blue for a ‘breezier’ feel, I thought.  Then, when I was picturing the blue room with a white ‘cap’ I started seeing the classic VW Bus in my mind.  So, I searched and pinned a few examples of how that inspiration as well, Pin #68. The complete picture was starting to come together for me but wasn’t exactly ‘finished.’  Finally, after consulting with our family favorite painter and paint color consultant she gave me the brilliant idea to bring the white the same distance (12 inches) from the bottom as well as the top for a giant stripe effect.  Perfect.


Pin #66: Bold Blue Walls, White accents, Wood Beds


Pin #67: Ceiling Color extending down the wall.



Pin #68: My vision – for the room to have the effect with color that this classic VW Bus has – classic blue/white combo


You can see in this picture how the white ‘stripe’ on the top matches the 12 inch white on the bottom. This makes the blue look less heavy, cleaner.

Lighting: This one is easy…Ikea. Done.


Pin #69: Ceiling Light by Ikea


Pin #70: Reading bedside lights by Ikea

Pin #71 actually inspired a lot of ideas but mainly the two large framed photos over the kids’ beds. I also bought the supplies to do the book wall, and intend to do it eventually, but not in time for this post.  I just adore this blog – she had quit blogging for a while and now she’s back! I’m so excited go and read up on all her fun projects in all my free time.(ha!)


Pin #71 Two large photos over beds – from Daffodil Designs – one of my favorite blogs!

Next, Bedding: Pin #72 is where I first got the idea of mixing into the pattern of Luca’s existing quilt (that I MADE, well, I had it quilted because I royally screwed it up, but hey…it is a finished sewing project…who cares how it happened!). I hope to make one for Milo to coordinate one day.  But for now, back to the stripes.  This bedding is from West Elm for a pretty hefty price tag.  I was SO excited when I found the exact same duvet at Target for a whopping $19.99!  (Pin #73).  Not only cheap, but SO soft.


Pin #72: Original idea for matching bedding – grey and white. I love the photo and picture wall too and was going to implement, but it is really unrealistic – I mean, come on, do you think these boys in this picture have knocked those things off the walls 100 times?? I do!



Pin #73: The bedding, the affordable option. From Target for $19.99 each set of duvet cover and pillow case. AND SO SOFT!

Finally, Pin #74, the magnet boards.  This pin was quite the ambitious project I thought I’d attempt.  As mentioned in my Knock off Ballard Design Pin Board post, I don’t want tons of junk or magnets on my refrigerator, so a place for the kids to put their super cool gear magnet toys and of course ABC letters was a necessity.  I found these great boards at Ikea and they work great.  Milo even started playing on these boards when he first started sitting up.




Pin #74: Magnet Board


Tent made by my mom a few years ago – NOT inspired by Pinterest surprisingly!


“Ok, you’ve seen my room, you’ve seen my blue walls, my striped duvets, now get the hell out!” **Door Slam**…..can you tell I am a child of the MTv generation? A La ‘MTv Cribs’…No? Not funny? I tried…

I hope you have enjoyed checking out this room as much we enjoyed putting it together.  It truly was a group effort with me, Andrew (the best stripe painter on the planet!), Luca and Pinterest.  I’ve included the real estate listing photos of Luca’s big boy room he moved into when Milo arrived when he was 3 and the Nursery in our old house.

74 down….26 to go!……

Come on people, this is going to be a photo finish, cheer me on, leave comments share with friends.  I have 2 weeks to blog about the rest of the 100 completed projects to make it within my ONE YEAR deadline!!

ballard house nursery 2

Luca and Milo’s Seattle nursery – where all the stripe painting began in 2008                             (Some other furniture/touches removed for real estate photo here)

ballard house luca's room

Luca’s Seattle big boy room – colors chosen by him. The Gray stripe is actually chalk board paint!

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  1. Olivia permalink
    June 17, 2013 4:36 pm

    2 more weeks?! Noo!!! Reading your blog posts is the highlight if checking my email!!!!!

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