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Pin #75: Happy Father’s Day, Pinterest Fail

June 17, 2013

Pin #75: Father’s Day ‘Handy Craft’

This one is a borderline Pinterest fail. It turned out ok, but not as intended. I wanted to make Andrew the stacking hand print canvas seen here for Father’s Day. Milo, aka “Dr. No,” put a wrench in that plan. He’s not a fan of messy hands and would not dip his hands in the paint. He was excited to watch Luca do it and then put his hands behind his back and you couldn’t pry them out! So, after some cookie bribery, I talked him into letting me trace his hand and then I painted it in. Since I had to trace it, I decided to do three separate canvases. Colette was pretty easy except she’s just discovered her hands so with a hand full of purple paint, her hands went straight to the mouth…I remembered why I’m not a huge fan of art projects with kids. Ahhh, I tried.


Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there!

75 down…25 to go….

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