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Pins #84-#90: Living Room Makeover: The Turquoise Wall

June 23, 2013


Wow, where to begin with our living room? Well, first of all you should know it started out looking like the wall had been painted light brown with dark brown poo colored paint sponged onto it. How anyone could have thought that was a good plan is beyond me! But who knows, I’m sure there are a good handful of people out there saying the same thing about my beloved turquoise wall. We have a great family friend who also is an amazing painter and color expert (by profession). We had her out to access the entire house when we first moved in and she gave us color suggestions on all the main living areas and our room. (Kids rooms and laundry room are all our choices – this said for future post about the laundry room color she will NOT take credit/blame for … it was all our ‘doing’…stay tuned on that one…) Anway, knowing me fairly well and things I love, she suggested a pallet of beautiful yet bold and daring colors for our main living space.  The most notable color being Rivulet, by Sherwin Williams:


Rivulet, Sherwin Williams **most of my photos were taken with my iphone, so the color is a bit off, that is why I thought including this paint swatch would be helpful to visualize.

I had to think about it for a few weeks.  When I saw pin #84 and all the energy from the wall color I decided to jump in…life is too short to live with beige walls.


Pin #84: This photo sealed the deal – turquoise it is! I loved how it can be used as a neutral and looked great next to all the other vibrant colors in this photo.  I don’ t know if this is ‘Rivulet’ but it is pretty darn close.


The old ‘poo walls’ getting their first coat of primer last summer!


After the first coat, I loved it instantly and was already starting accessorize the mantle.


Luca posing in front of the new wall after a fun butterfly birthday! (Hi Eliza!)


Pin #85: Turquoise Walls + White Frames = yes.

Next, how to accessorize this wall.  This actually took a lot longer to visualize.  I knew I wanted to put up all white frames since they look so great next to the turquoise.  (See above pin #85).  But I couldn’t decide on photos, size, scale, etc.  I feel like as I’m leaning more about photography, I want to change out all the pictures on my walls all the time since I can now have such better photos.  (Yet, I’ll always keep up  some ‘bad’ photos because of the people and moments in them and the time they represent).  Then I saw Pin #86 and the picture rails.  What a great idea and this would allow me to switch-o-change-o photos and frames around over the years without putting holes in the wall every time.  I pinned about 100 more ‘picture rail’ photos for inspiration before I knew 100% this was what I wanted.


Pin #86: Picture Rails from Ikea, in combo with a large framed item.

20130623-154521.jpgOur picture rails, frames almost filled up!

This pin also reminded me of one of my very first and FAVORITE ideas from Pinterest.  Pin #87, Instagram posters framed in white frames.  Of course, we all know my love of Instagram !!  I couldn’t get the company that produces the posters suggested by this blog post to work, but luckily, through Pinterest, I found Prinstagram (Pin #88).  It is a pretty cool site that allows you to print Instagram photos in various ways.  I have to say, when I was working on this project months ago, there was hardly ANY places to print Instrgams easily.  Now, I feel like it is a standard option – even Walgreens has an app for that!


Pin #87: Instagram photo poster in Olby frames from Ikea. Another great idea from one of my favorite bloggers. (Daffodil Designs)


Pin # 88: Prinstagram! I couldn’t get the photo company to work that Daffodil Designs recommended for the Instagram poster, but luckily, Prinstagram worked great!

The final touches for the wall were the white ‘expedit’ shelves from Ikea, we have two side by side.  They are great for book storage we needed.  Also, they are great for holding the toys we keep upstairs (or the ones that ‘bubble up’ daily as I say).  I loved pin #89 because it was one of the few ‘expedit’ examples on Pinterest that didn’t have kids items stored in it.  I was glad to see they could look ‘grown up’ too.  Finally, similar to the story about finding the kids room storage bins at Home Goods right after pinning the exact thing, it happened first with Pin #90 and this awesome floor lamp.  I think I paid less than half of what it was listed for via this pin online!


Pin #89: Ikea Expedit in white, in a grown up living room.


Pin #90: Floor Lamp, pinned then found at Home Goods – score!

Here is a fun pic of our doggie with the lamp in the background.  I love this picture since she looks like such a little prissy dog.  And, since I mentioned her in the “About Me” section, I thought she should get some love here and there!


Our Bailey-girl, oh, and the nice lamp behind her.


90 down…10 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Olivia permalink
    June 23, 2013 6:57 pm

    I love this room so much!!! Can’t wait to see it in person with its new additions in August!

  2. elagerquist permalink
    June 23, 2013 11:04 pm

    Hurray for turquoise, ikea, instagram and antennae! 😉

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