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Pins #93 – #96: Laundry Room Makeover: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

June 28, 2013

Now that we’re almost done with this 100 pin project, here’s a post about the first room we worked on upon moving into our house last year!  We played it safe and went with the Laundry Room.  It was in bad shape, – brown walls (again), brown ceiling, a horrible wobbly metal shelf unit that stood over the washer and dryer and a plaid (maroon and navy) window valance that was purely ‘decorative’ since the window has blinds.

Now, I can’t get too cocky here that we really did much to upgrade mass appeal of the space, we painted it florescent green.  So here’s what happened.  We had our laundry room in our last house painted a bright (we thought) shade of green that everyone loved and just made the space so happy and lovely.  Who doesn’t need a little help in the happiness department in the laundry room?  So we picked out a shade of green we thought was the exact color as our last house – bam! easy project done!   Then we started painting and holy crap was that the green???  I thought maybe it just looked weird in this space with different light?  Maybe it will look less florescent once we get some shelves hung…??? Nope.  About a month after painting and not admitting to each-other that something went wrong picking the color, I found the actual paint swatch from our basement renovation / laundry room green!  Wow, were we WAY off!  The ‘lovely’ green of our last house was about 10 shades lighter than the color we chose here.  We had a great laugh and I wish I had a picture of the swatch against the new laundry room walls – it was hilarious!  It shall remain green until, well, likely forever since there is absolutely no priority to repaint anytime this decade!

We’ll move on, this post has nothing to do with paint – I just had to explain myself and throw out the disclaimer that our lovely paint color consultant friend did not approve of this choice.  This was 100% Andrew and my mistake! 😉

So …. the Laundry room makeover.  One of my mama friends was a huge Pinterest lover at the time and was pinning away all these super cool front door ‘locker’ type set ups for mud rooms, entryways, etc.  It made me think our Laundry room would be perfect for this sort of set up as well.  It is right off the garage so muddy feet, shoes, dirty clothes can easily go straight to the wash and not even set foot into the rest of the house.  I went with something simple like Pin #93 since building lockers wasn’t going to be an option with this small room makeover.  I found both items (the hanging hooks/cubbies and the bench/cubbies) at


Pin #93: Hooks and Baskets


Our laundry room ‘lockers’

I liked pin #94, Family Rules,  because it reminded me of how Luca’s preschool, the kids make their own rules of the classroom. I like the idea of family rules that we all agree on. These rules are sweet, kind and silly.   And I found this exact canvas at …you guessed it…Home Goods.


Pin #94: House Rules


Family Rules

Of course we need the Laundry Room to be functional and with 2 kids and one shortly on the way (at the time this room’s makover happened), there is NO shortage of laundry! The boys’ rooms are right next door to this space so accessing these sorting buckets is pretty simple. Even Milo puts his clothes in the right bins a lot of nights.  I knew I wanted a vertical structure like the one here in Pin #95 but, again, wasn’t going to build anything.  I looked for a solution for  a long time and spent a whole long trip to Ikea looking for ideas that would be similar to this pin.  But then it was a trip to the Container Store when I realized that ‘recycle bins’ would be great stackable laundry sorters.


Pin #95: Laundry sorting system


Laundry sorting – my solution: Recycle Bins. I just added letter stickers I already had!

Finally, we had to get rid of that old wobbly shelving unit an install above washer /dryer  shelves.  We also need a place to hang dry stuff so Andrew installed a long handle upside down on one of the shelves that works great to hang clothes.  I, of course as you know now, love white against brighter colors, so when I saw the white baskets in Pin #96, I knew that would look great in our Laundry Room as well.  I got these baskets at Target and have written on them with a dry erase maker so I don’t have to be committed to my current organization methods.


Pin #96: White shelving above the machines.


Not even close to being as cute as the original pin, but functional! (Clean clothes go in the “Luca” and “Milo” baskets.  Sometimes folded, sometimes not.  The clothes get in drawers much faster this way I’ve found).


This is ‘Bailey’s Room’ – her bed and self portrait, such a vain dog.

96 down…4 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. elagerquist permalink
    June 30, 2013 11:30 pm

    Love this! Someday I plan on having a laundry room and I’m totally going to use these ideas 🙂

  2. Adrianne permalink
    January 5, 2014 9:37 pm

    Where did you buy the white recycle bins

    • January 5, 2014 11:53 pm

      At Storables – I think you can find them lots of places that have plastic bin storage solutions

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